Testimonials from
Lisa's clients
What Lisa's clients are saying...
To me, BodyTalk is about
establishing peace, one
relationship at a time.  
Each session identifies
breakdowns in the body
and improves these
relationships. Clients
come with a wide range
of  symptoms such as
"high blood pressure,
stroke, muscular-skeletal
pain, allergies, and
anxiety, but since the work
occurs at the core level,
allowing natural,
comprehensive, and
lasting healing, they share
a common result - a better
understanding and ease
with themselves and a
strengthened ability to
manage stress and be
present in life. I am
grateful to be able to
provide this work.
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"Body Talk has been an incredible experience for me and has allowed me to fully optimize my
body and mind as one. I have clearly received the benefit of the treatment as my stress level has
decreased significantly and I generally feel revived. It has been an incredibly rewarding
experience both from a lifestyle and health perspective." -
Scott, San Carlos

"After suffering for numerous years with intense menstrual migraines that lasted for days, I
attended a session with Lisa that eliminated the problem completely. No medications worked, but
after just one session, I have been migraine free for over a year now."
-Shayla, Redwood City

"Lisa is the real deal! She is a gifted healer and the most integrated practitioner I've ever met. She
is gracious, caring and "tuned in." She goes directly to the source of an issue and deals with it.
She is highly skilled with her abilities and has a very professional presence. She has unusually
clean energy and no agenda - she is 100% about "walking her talk." I particularly enjoy how clear
she is with her communication. It feels like her whole life has led her to this and she is a true
-Cindy, Belmont

"Lisa is a very gentle, loving, calming, grounded practitioner. She truly loves her craft and is
incredibly gifted in helping people who want to grow and do the emotional work to heal and
achieve their true life purpose."
-Susan, San Mateo

"I have had several Bodytalk sessions for general overall well-being and health maintenance.
Without fail, after each one, the next day or two, I am swept with an overarching, long lasting,
happiness. Everything feels great and my energy is high. After each session it seems like an
energy shift has taken place. Over time, this feeling has ramped up higher and higher. Lisa has a
great gift for this work. It would be worth flying from the east coast for a session with her."
Redwood City

"After my session at BodyTalk, I had one of the most profound and deepest sleep I've ever
experienced... Lisa's soothing & gentle touch, helped me to just let go."
-Anita, Daly City

"Thank you, Lisa. You have been the grounding rod and the inspiration. It seems that dimensions
of myself that I've been unconsciously missing are lining up into that wonderful puzzle that is me.
BodyTalk has helped me be more comfortable in this body."
-Antonia, Redwood City
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