about hypnotherapy
about hypnotherapy
Lisa is an advanced Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner studying under Gilles
Marin since 2005. She has trained with Classical Chinese Medicine
Doctor, Jeffrey Yuen for three years and also studied with Acupuncturists,
Lonny Jarrett & Sarah Thomas and Taoist Master Mantak Chia.
Chi Nei Tsang is a holistic approach to healing developed by the Taoist
monks in ancient China to achieve vibrant health. The name literally means
to transform the energy of the internal organs. This Five Element based
healing utilizes medical Chi Kung to strengthen the body from the inside out.
Benefits of treatment include improved immune systems, structural
alignment, and deep emotional release.

Stone Medicine is one of the most ancient forms of Chinese Medicine.  
Predating acupuncture the practitioner is well versed in creating stone
formulas with the right vibratory signature to release blockages in the clients
energy system. This methodology is for acute or chronic care and works
particularly well on the deepest soul level patterns that can be carried
genetically or karmically.
Taoist Internal Medicine
Crystal Springs Energy Medicine   Holistic Healthcare for the Whole Family
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