About Reiki
“Many hospitals and clinics now offer Reiki as a regular part of their services.  
Reiki has proven to be a useful adjunct to Western Medical therapy.  It has
decreased side effects of medical treatments, helped to provide pain control,
and hastened recovery times.”                                                                Jeri Mills, M.D.
Reiki is a natural healing process based on tapping into the life energy present in all
living things.  It is one of the most relaxing techniques available with the potential for
great healing.  Reiki has been used to bring about peace, contentment and
increased energy for many.

During a session, the client remains fully clothed and relaxes on a massage table.
The practitioner’s hands are held lightly in positions on the body from the head  to the
feet.  The Reiki energy is used by the body, emotions and mind to restore balance
and energy wherever it is most needed.  Heat, light vibration or energy shifts are felt
by some clients while others experience deep relaxation and positive emotional

Reiki is a powerful yet very gentle method that affects the physical, emotional and
spiritual levels, restoring and balancing vital energy wherever it is most needed.  
Reiki has been known to assist with physical discomfort, release of headaches,
stress reduction and immune system depletion.
About Reiki
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