We offer the convenience of receiving a distance healing
session in the comfort of your own home

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Crystal Springs Energy Medicine   Holistic Healthcare for the Whole Family
We are now 100% remote. Local clients have now discovered the secret that worldwide clients have already
known. Distance sessions are a powerful way to work with the energy body. Clients love the benefits of not
having to drive to the office and the extra time they can take integrating the energy work after their session.

Reactions from local clients who have switched to distance sessions:

"I love getting to hear more about what you're working on and feel the changes in my body." San Carlos, CA

"I really like the remote sessions, it's so relaxing and really nice to be home already lying in bed and not have to get up right
after the session." Redwood Shores, CA

"It's kinda mind blowing how much benefit I have gotten out of these distance sessions." Mountain View, CA

"I love the distance - I actually prefer it, it lets me understand more of what it is that you're doing." Burlingame, CA

"The remote sessions have been so valuable you're still touching all the right spots!"  Palo Alto, CA

"Thank you Lisa - your work is really, really powerful, the way you describe things, the story telling, it works for me - I'm so
glad that I met you." Burlingame, CA

"These remotes have been a lifesaver for me." Hillsborough, CA

"I can really feel it in my body, I can feel the tingling all over." Woodside, CA

"At first I wasn't sure about a telephone session, but you keep getting right at the issue." San Mateo, CA

"It's just as powerful, in some way I let myself go deeper, in many ways it's better that I'm in my own space and I don't have
to worry about how I'm appearing, I can let you see the true me." Pacifica, CA

"I certainly felt the energies, my body was relaxed just like when I see you in person."  South San Francisco, CA

As validating that it is, to see eye to eye
As comforting a gift that it is, to be touched at the heart
Meeting your own soul provides priceless guidance to live your best life.