Appointments with Lisa
Lisa is certified in the most advanced levels of BodyTalk and incorporates her
extensive training in other energy medicine modalities in accordance with your
body's wisdom
Advanced BodyWisdom Sessions:
50 minute session: $160

Distance sessions available by phone

Please note the 24 hr cancellation policy
when scheduling your appointment.

Gift certificates available.
During a session the client gets to relax while the
practitioner works in a meditative state. Through focused
listening to your body/mind a unique personal treatment is
revealed to restore communication and relieve stress and
other symptoms. All work is done at an energetic level and
does not involve any additional supplements.

Most issues can be significantly addressed within three
sessions. Many clients find that after their initial issue has
been resolved, they are interested in continuing BodyTalk
sessions for  preventative health maintenance and to
further the clarity and ease that accompanies the
reduction of stress.
Lisa with John Veltheim, genius and founder of
the BodyTalk System.
For an Advanced
appointment contact
Lisa at:


T-F 9:15am - 6pm
Sat 9:15am - 5pm
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