BodyTalk Access is a system of
self-maintenance and healing that I now use
daily and learned during a one day training
with Lisa. Lisa presented the material in a
clear, succinct manner interjecting timely
humor. Everyone responded happily to her
easy, yet knowledgeable style. She brings to
her trainings all of who she has become in her
own journey."
                             -P.K., Palo Alto

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Lisa Sullivan
BodyTalk Access

HEALTH EMPOWERMENT IN 10 MINUTES - BodyTalk Access is a simple set of
energy-based techniques that bring about significant improvement in health. It can be
learned in one day, implemented in 10 minutes, and brings a lifetime of empowerment.

Join us for a workshop where you will learn the theory and application of 5 of BodyTalk's
fundamental energy balances.  This class is  for everyone who wants a powerful way to
improve their physical and emotional health with a simple 10 minute routine.  The
techniques will help with mental clarity and overwhelm, cellular cleansing, immune
system boosters and overall muscular-skeletal functioning.
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Next Classes in San Mateo:
Sunday, May 19, 2019 - 9:30am - 4:30pm

$165 workshop fee includes 30+ page color manual and certificate
Sign up early, as space is limited.
Cancellations with one week's notice can
be refunded or applied to a future class.
"I've been using the
Access techniques for
about 2 years now and
took the class with Lisa
simply to review the
material. Her class was
so thorough and
inspiring that I noticed a
real change not only in
my understanding of the
techniques and how to
use them but in my own
motivation for personal
self-care and healing.
Access is a great class
but Lisa's teaching is
-K.T., San
Francisco BodyTalk
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