About Reiki
Utilize the applied science of BioGeometry to transform the EMF & radiation stress in
your home to beneficial life supportive energy.

The stress of the environment can be carried into your home through the ground, air,
water, and electrical lines. With a BG-EHS certified practitioner you can have your
home professionally measured and balanced with a custom installation of tools to
both harmonize energy currents and generate a grid of life force energy that supports
your health and vitality.

  • Harmonize your Home’s energy - Raise the vibration of your spaces

  • Detoxify Energy Sources - Clean electrical, wifi, and earth energy lines

  • Create Life Force Energy Grids - Amplify natural centers to generate healing

Premier 3 layer Solutions: Create BG3 energy in the places you spend the most time.

Call for a free initial phone consultation to see if a BioGeometry upgrade is right for
your home or car.

BioGeometry® Energy Balancing: Nature's Own Design Language
Turn your Home into a Natural Healing Center
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