about hypnotherapy
about hypnotherapy
Dr. Oz includes Chi Nei Tsang as one of the
"10 Alternative Health Must Haves"    
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Chi Nei Tsang is a holistic approach to healing developed by the Taoist
monks in ancient China to achieve vibrant health. The name literally means
to transform the energy of the internal organs.  Using a gentle yet directed
touch, CNT practitioners utilize medical Chi Kung to strengthen the body
from the inside out.

The benefits of CNT treatment include:

1 - Improves the immune system. CNT detoxifies by removing stagnation
and simulating the lymphatic and circulatory system.  Use before and after
surgery for improved recovery.

2 - CNT restructures and strengthens the body - releasing deep seated
emotions in the visceral organs improves posture and restores vitality.  CNT
helps chronic back, neck and shoulder pain and problems related to the
misalignment of the feet, legs and pelvis.

3 - CNT helps clients manage their emotional life. CNT practitioners
understand somatic emotional mapping that can provide insights for safe
and lasting release of deeply stored emotions.  The treatments work well
with psychotherapy for accelerated results.

4 - CNT puts clients in touch with greater awareness of their own needs for a
vibrant life.  Tuning into the gut brain will improve your inner knowing of what
best feeds your body and mind.  
Lisa has studied with CNT
Master Instructor and Author
Gilles Marin since 2005
Classical Chinese Medicine
Doctor, Jeffrey Yuen.
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