Revolutionary Integrative Health Care
The BodyTalk system integrates both Eastern and
Western medical knowledge with quantum physics
concepts to identify, then strengthen weakened
energy circuits within the body.  Each session is
unique and resolves stresses in the order prioritized
by your body for optimal healing.   Gentle adjustments
at the molecular level can relieve symptoms, release
accumulated stress and allow of increased energy
flow throughout the body and mind.
BodyTalk - The State of the Art in Energy Medicine

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International BodyTalk
Relieves Stress, Realizes Potential
Because it works at the energetic core, this system
addresses both acute or chronic stress-based health
conditions. By addressing both the physical and
emotional components of stress, the client's innate
Restores Communication   
Many therapies focus on fixing either your body,mind or spirit; few focus on the whole.  
BodyTalk helps focus the mind to restore communication at the cellular level to all
aspects of your being, which in addition to alleviating symptoms, allows you to experience
true holistic health.
Lisa is an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner and can
facilitate powerful and gentle treatments to greatly
improve mind and body function.
healing ability operates more efficiently, and responds effectively to injury and illness. It
is also highly beneficial for self growth by gently releasing fears and tensions that are
limiting potential performance in all areas of life.
Crystal Springs Energy Medicine   Holistic Healthcare for the Whole Family