About Lisa
As a Director and Manager at Genentech, Stanford University and Lawrence Berkeley
Laboratories, she was continually inspired to play a part in supporting our civilization's
contribution to further human knowledge and improve people's lives.

Her degrees in Engineering and Architecture from Princeton and Yale Universities have
proven to be a great foundation for the study of energy medicine, which requires the
development of both the left and the right hemispheres of the brain.  "In this work it
comes naturally to me to systematically uncover the stresses and strains in the body
and mind and provide options for the areas of disharmony in the human architecture to
be re-tuned for a greater range of movement and light."

In addition to her traditional education, Lisa has pursued over eighteen years of studies
in Eastern based wisdom including a personal meditation practice, advanced training
in Chi Nei Tsang, certificates in Yoga Studies and other energy modalities including
Reiki and Reconnective Healing, Shiatsu and Thai massage.

Lisa was one of the first BodyTalk practitioners certified as an Advanced Practitioner by
BodyTalk's founder, John Veltheim. Lisa has mentored under two osteopaths, led the
founding of the Northern California BodyTalk Association and  Healing 4 Life Together
an international resource for cutting edge healthcare.   
Lisa's life work is devoted to the advancement of human
potential.  With the current developments in energy
medicine, she has found this field provides an incredible
stage to help facilitate significant transformations in the
lives of her clients.

Prior to becoming a full time Energy Medicine Practitioner,
Lisa worked at some of the most exciting research facilities
in the Health Sciences.
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